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Welcome Mountain Experience Welfare Foundation Nepal

Human Rights establishes itself as an intrinsic factor with the birth of a human being. Life of Guides, Porters, Sherpas and Cooks who devote their time and life in the service of the Mountains, mountaineers and mountaineering need to be addressed as their occupational assurance lies in jeopardy. Apart from that, their basic rights like proper health care, timely rescue and provisions of quality education demand and deserve attention. Financial support in proper education and prompt health care for their children need to be arranged. That’s where Mountain Experience Welfare Foundation comes into act. We are a non-profit service motivated organization that pledges to aid porters, trekkers and guides and their families with physical, financial and assistive reinforcements. Our mission can be illustrated in 3 major criteria

Why Support Us

Become a part of this insightful mission of ours and unleash the willpower in you! You can get involved with Mountain Experience Welfare Foundation by either volunteering for us or making a donation. Numerous trekkers, porters, Sherpas, guides and their families and children all over Nepal shall be benefited one way or the other from the aid we provide them. Not only that, the whole tourism sector is contributed. By a small help of yours, we can collectively help the old, orphaned, homeless and deprived.


Our current projects

Career and Scholarships

Children need proper counseling and direction for helping them choose their aim in life.  MEWF vows to be the primary medium of planting the concept of “career” in their juvenile minds.


Single women and widows of trekkers, porters and guides need to be given solace, and in the mean time financial and inspirational support. We venture in working for women

Operational Support

MEWF believes good outcome can only be achieved in an organization if collective effort is sustained from the very beginning and ever since. Our team of committed and well-aware staffs

Education and Health Care

Like every other kids, Nepalese children weave their dreams with uttermost devotion from inspiring tales they hear and witness. But these dreams aren’t easy to fulfill; sometimes